9 Harsh Life Lessons That Can Make You Stronger

The greatest lessons we learn in life are not taught at school, but by life itself. Sometimes they can be harsh, but they help us to maneuver between casual troubles and avoid unnecessary frustrations. At Bright Side, we figured out the hardest truths about life and put them into one article. Hopefully after you read this, they won’t catch you by surprise. 1. Parenthood is not […]

11 Celebrities Who Have Empowered Moms to Breastfeed in Public

Too many women feel guilty about breastfeeding or, on the contrary, feel a lot of pressure to do it without any difficulty. People may comment that the baby is too old to still be breastfeeding, or that a woman isn’t maternal enough because she didn’t breastfeed her baby. But many celebrities are challenging these prejudices by making and defending their own breastfeeding decisions. They do it because they can, because […]

10 Breastfeeding Tips That Can Save Any Nursing Mom’s Day

Apart from its nutritional value, breastfeeding also promotes and strengthens a unique emotional bond between the mother and the baby, which is essential for a child’s mental growth. However, nursing can be challenging, more so, if you are a new mother. And it’s natural to have many questions about it. To help new mothers enjoy nursing, Bright Side presents an easy guide on what tricks really work. […]

A Man From Japan Has More Than 100 Wives. What’s Going On?

Money certainly cannot buy family, love, or friendship. However, it can buy the appearance of these things. Ishii Yuichi, a man from Japan, came up with the idea for people to hire actors to play the roles of a husband, wife, or parent. Yuichi has also joined this “real-life” stage and now has more than 100 “wives” and many kids — and some of them are sure […]

7 Things You Should Discuss With Your Partner Before Moving in Together

Moving in with your partner is an exciting new phase in your life and it’s a big step that can even boost your emotional health. But are you prepared for it? There are some important aspects that should be taken into consideration if you want to make the move successful and long-lasting. We at Bright Side believe in dreamy romantic relationships and we want to make sure that living […]

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